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“Waiting ensures there’s no regrets,” Michelle Duggar told Our offices, conference rooms, and columns are packed with people who waited and have regrets.” And once a Duggar girl is married, says Mom, she is never allowed to say no to sex.“Duggar women don’t get headaches,” Michelle told .I didn’t mock Jill for waiting to fuck her fiancé until her wedding night.I was only highlighting the fact that my rules are different than the Duggars’ rules.Now here are some of mine: Don’t wait until your wedding night to fuck your fiancé for the first time.Sexual incompatibility leads to divorce, so it’s a good idea to establish the shit out of sexual compatibility before marriage. People who marry young are much likelier to wind up divorced.Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, the couple with the 19 kids, are hardcore fundamentalist Christians and members of the Quiverfull movement.“Quiverfull members aspire to have as many children as possible, arguing that to win the culture wars, the faithful must literally ‘out-populate the enemy,’” as Amanda Marcotte explained on Slate.

Their prior claim to fame involved a swiped family photograph and a parody motivational poster. It’s not a clown car.”) Anyway, last April, a copy of was sitting on the table in the waiting area at the place where I get my hair cut. ” I snapped a picture, added a mildly snarky comment, and tweeted it out. Within four hours, a post detailing the “creepy viciousness” of my tweet went up on Twitchy, a right-wing website that targets liberals and progressives on Twitter.

They stumped in Kansas for Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback, in Arkansas for Tom Cotton, and around the country for antichoice measures.

Michelle Duggar recorded a transphobic robocall against a proposed LGBT civil rights measure in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Fuck before that romantic meal or wedding reception because you’ll be too exhausted/full/drunk to fuck after.

I honestly couldn’t see what was so vicious about my tweet, and as a Catholic, I’m prone to guilt and self-recrimination.

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