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She also mines the sharp, class- based humor in Jasmine's struggles with one highlight a hilariously executed scene in a pizza restaurant where she explains to her confused nephews to "Tip big, boys". Alec Baldwin plays Jasmine's swindler husband with almost effortless aplomb.Sally Hawkins brings a wonderful looseness to Ginger, Stella to Blanchett's Blanche, and finds a level of poignancy in her character's constant victimization at the hands of her sister as well as her brutish, blue-collar boyfriend Chili, played with comic fierceness by Bobby Cannavale in the Stanley Kowalski role.Hostility can come in flammable torrents or in thinly veiled remarks.That Allen moves so dexterously in tone is a testament to his sharp ability in drawing out the truth in his actors.In a conveniently conceived role, Peter Sarsgaard gets uncharacteristically breezy as Dwight, a wealthy, erudite, and matrimonially available State Department diplomat who appears to be the answer to Jasmine's prayers, while Allen casts two unlikely comics in about-face roles – Andrew Dice Clay as Ginger's defeated ex-husband Augie and Louis C. as Al, an amorous suitor who brings Ginger a few moments of romantic salvation.Allen's European sojourn appears to have freed him up with the movement of characters in scenes and Javier Aguirresarobe's ("Vicky Cristina Barcelona") camera-work complies nicely.You can tell Jasmine is not only out of her element but quite judgmental about how her sister's life has turned out.The irony of Jasmine's patronizing attitude is that she is a habitual liar who is so angry about her destitute circumstances that she frequently talks to herself.

In doing so, her old pretensions and new deceits begin to foul up everyone's lives, especially her own. Flicker, the dentist and employer of Jasmine in the movie, is a recurring character in Allen's films.Most notably, he is Alvy Singer's childhood doctor, featured in the first flashback of Annie Hall (1977).See more » When we see Ginger and Al walking along the beach promenade the morning after the party, Ginger has a white handbag.She was carrying the pricey yellow Fendi (purchased for her by Jasmine in NYC) when she was at the party and she and Al have obviously been out all night.See more » If you want to see this year's master class in screen acting, you need to watch Cate Blanchett's mesmerizing performance as Jasmine French, a delusional Park Avenue socialite wife in Woody Allen's 45th directorial effort, a sly, bicoastal update of Tennessee Williams' classic "A Streetcar Named Desire".

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But the group SOS Homophobia recorded a doubling in attacks on gays last year, with 86 cases against 41 in 2002.

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