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During 2009, Yorn stated that he would like to do some live shows with Johansson to promote the album.

" Maybe on a larger scale, it's the fault of pop music's audience today, who tend to slight artists who throw their hand in on a variety of mediums, but they're usually pretty sharp about sincerity at the very least: if they can catch a hint of the desperation you're emitting, you're kind of screwed from the get-go.Otherwise, it will keep coming back, suck your blood.The couple were having dinner at Scalinatella in New York City on Saturday night."Strangely, I don't think he'd seen a lot of my work," Johansson told Cosmo of her current husband in her latest cover story."He knew who I was, but I wasn't, like, his celebrity crush." Though Dauriac isn't part of the movie industry — and Johansson prefers it that way — she expounded on some of the similarities and interests they share at home in NYC.The snitch told the outlet that Johansson and Yorn were “touching” and “holding hands” during their meal, but “there was no kissing.” Scarlett Johansson enjoyed a plate of linguine while Kevin Yorn had a Dover sole.The two were last seen having dinner at the Upper East side restaurant on June 10.

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It looks like she’s playing the field and dating her way around Hollywood.

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