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Upon its release, Oscar talk immediately began to swirl around the film, cementing Jordan’s status as a Hollywood star.

In 2003 he was tapped as a regular cast member on the soap opera, .It’s so weird when you’re walking out of the club or walking somewhere, and you get caught in a picture, and then all of a sudden, y’all dating. I didn’t even know who she was that night.” On Black women: “I love my sisters out there.Let’s not get it confused.” On rumors that he’s not here for Black women: “Isn’t that crazy? It’s unreal how quick people can try to flip on you and try to strip you down and make you into something that you’re not based off of a misquote or somebody’s words—or somebody else’s tweet.” On making mistakes: “A lot is happening so fast, and there’s no blueprint for it, so I’m going to make some mistakes.You can read all about them here, but to sum things up, he singled out Black fans over the backlash he received when people believed that he was dating Kendell Jenner.Fans were also pretty upset over his misuse of the term “female.” Thursday, the On Kendall Jenner dating rumors: “I got caught in the frame of the same picture.

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