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Warring States Period (476-221 BC) Further warring after the fracturing of the Zhou in the Spring and Autumn Period resulted in the emergence of seven powerful states that remained until the 5th century BC.The Zhou king still existed as a prominent figure, but possessed little ruling influence over his subjects.Ok Coin responded with an emailed statement: “‘Til now we haven't informed by any authorities about closing BTC exchanges, if that happens we will show notifications on our website in no time.Even if that 's the case, we would be running offline trading for users, and your balance of coins in your account will be absolutely safe.” This isn’t the first time China’s flexed its regulatory muscle on Bitcoin.Back in 2013, China banned the cryptocurrency from all banks and financial institutions, but left exchanges alone.

Symbols that have been attributed as antecedent forms to modern Chinese characters have been found on pottery and other crafts from this period.

China banned initial coin offerings last week as an unapproved and illegal form of public financing.

Many are skeptical of the rumored shutdown, including Bobby Lee, co-founder and CEO of BTCC.

Chinese civilization is said to have started in regions near the Yellow River.

Written history can be found as early as the Shang Dynasty, although some ancient texts allude to the existence of the Xia Dynasty before the Shang.

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