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AESPL also laid claim to the first and second toppers, Nishita Purohit and Archit Gupta, saying they were pursuing distance learning programmes.

It said Harshit Anand (AIR 7), Rinku Sarmah (AIR 8) and Manish Mulchandani (AIR 10) were took distance cources.

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Boys Over Flowers First drama I ever watched, loved this series! I like the fact it made me cry, laugh, and it brought me excitement. The theme is very meaningful that can teach others about life. It is actually my first time to get addicted to such thing. Although I'm not that satisfied with the ending because for me, I really can't consider it as a happy ending, I realized that the message of the story is so meaningful. It will also make you laugh and for those among us who love fantasy: it includes a fantasy character so yeeyy. My favorite of all time totally recommend you should watch this to know why everyone talks about this drama... I love the OST's especially the eternal love it really fit the drama Best drama ever! So many people miss out if you have not watched it!

A few hours after the results were declared, the Kota-based Allen Career Institute said the top ten were its students, led by all-India topper Nishita Purohit from Surat in Gujarat.

Institute director Naveen Maheshwari gave out the names and positions of the others as well — Archit Gupta (2) followed by Tamoghna Ghosh, Nipun Chandra, Harsh Agarwal, Rishav Raj, Harshit Anand, Rinku Sarmah, Abhishek Dogra and Manish Moolchandani.

Later in the day, another coaching institute, Aakash Educational Services Pvt Ltd (AESPL), came out with its own list of 11 students who were placed in the top twelve position.

And this shows popularity keeps on increasing each week. All of the casts are very talented and well-known (upcoming actors/actresses). The storyline is fast and can't be predicted as other korean drama. The chemistry between geun suk and yoona is amazing. Also because I feel like the main characters and the story line gives off an anime-like vibe into it. Rooftop Prince Rooftop prince is my favorite one and I can not wipe out from my head. This is a drama which most of it is action and I hate action but believe me if you watch this fantastic drama you will totally change your mind but the first episodes are a little boring but you have to keep watching it! Looking forward for other dramas like this, with a more real character and story that anyone can relate to. Realistic & original premise (hard to come by in k-dramas), believable and endearing characters, great script and portrayal by the cast. To top it all off, you get to listen to the cast speak in a Busan accent - love it. Amazing drama that make me happy Very beuti City Hunter Although it kind of just goes on and on, it's still really exciting! The story-line was unique the drama and romance both had you at the edge of your seat and sometime it gets you off your seat. Very very nice & emotional scenes between lead roles are so touching. Dramatic, Tragic, Lots of Suspense, yet adorable and funny! It was another drama that deserves thumbs up from me! I loved it Reply 1997 Hands down the best KDrama I've ever watched, and I have watched more dramas than I can count. On the other hand, Jun Ji-Hyun is so pretty and I can't even believe that she's already in her 30's. Most of all, the story is fun and at the same time heart touching. There is an awesome love story and it made me cry several times. It's my first korean drama and so far still make it one of my top list even though I watched so many other drama after that It's a good drama. At first I avoided this drama because of the ghosts, but after I finally decided to give it a try, the romance part sweetened a lot the horror part and the ghosts become less scary after episode 3- so even if you are not very fond of horror stories, the ones in this drama are pretty mild and can be watched by everyone - CONCLUSION: you will really REALLY regret it if you do not watch Master's Sun - this drama should be in the top 5 of your list, afterall it was the best drama of 2013, in my opinion It was interesting the whole way through and I can see it as being one of my favourite dramas for 2013! Horror comedy romance mystery action Everything in 1 drama Just love it Healer This drama is a gem! It's not like all those other dramas that make me cringe just as another cliche aegyo character appears and lee min ho is so good looking! This drama is probably the only drama that I wouldn't want to skip any moment of watching it even though I watched it many time before. To be honest, I though Dream High was going to be an option I only chose this because it was the top-picked so yeah. Pinocchio I love the story line, the thrill and I can't sleep thinking about what is next. The story is also unique: a girl who sees ghosts finds that touching a certain chaebol would make them disappear, so they begin a bumpy ride of self-healing and falling in love.

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It was the only drama I watch twice, I never watch anything twice although they might be really good but I never watched them twice except for this drama it is really awesome I just got done watching all of the episodes and I have to say, this was really good! The actors are good, and I'm in love with kim so-hyun This is shows how a person can changes one another.

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