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The classes in India are very very distinct from each other.

Girls from the lower class are usually the ones with strict curfews that never go out and drink or wear revealing clothes.

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Mumbai, as it's often been said, is a city of contrasts.

I met a Persian girl in Bali who said its also quite easy for white people to get work in the movie/advertisement type business and get paid a pretty reasonable amount.

They wear the shortest, most revealing clothes and are all very attractive and up for fun. As for approaching girls, the will react positively as long as you are reasonably attractive.

There are way,way too many unattractive, rich indian men already waving cash in their faces so money alone won't help you land a girl.

So it's a good idea to contact someone over the internet or a forum or something and ask for help. The only issue is that the 'dating' scene in Mumbai is a little weird.

When girls say they're dating someone, it usually means they have a steady boyfriend. Girls in Mumbai aren't overly religious and you can definitely meet them at bars or clubs They love to get wasted.

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Girls are very easy to approach and they stay correct and don't get slutty.

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