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Leanne comes in - Nick says Liz asked how Gail felt about the baby. Kirk's back from his toilet dash and is in the garage. Ty can't believe they're on strike - he asks what the union would say if they said they had been watching a film when they were meant to be grafting. Back at Craig's Tim, Faye and Kev decide to leave gracefully, followed by Chesney and Sinead. He has been in prison for as long as Beth can remember. She was scared that Craig would hate her for taking him away from Craig - she shopped him in the first place. Nick is getting his head around Leanne not telling him so many times that Steve was the father.

Kirk says he will just stand there, though he can't resist talking. Gary tells him either the head deals with Lauren and her mates or a solicitor will be making a call. Gary points out that Bethany doesn't either but it has been going on for months, so get it sorted. She will not say why he is in jail - just that he was a wrong'un.

The food in question was my personal lunch, brought in for me and me only.

The spiciness of my food shouldn’t be anyone’s concern, and I’m distressed that I’m being accused of in any way intending harm toward someone else because of what I pack in my personal lunch.

I take my professional reputation very seriously, and I’m concerned that this bizarre story is impacting it.

I’d like your assurance that the company does not intend to penalize me for eating spicy food at lunch.” I’d also put a similar message in writing and email it to them “to document our conversation from earlier today.” Sometimes ridiculous people back down when they see that you take standing up for yourself seriously.

I’d also ask your boss what the hell he thinks is going on. If he’s confident that you don’t (and if his judgment is usually pretty good), then I suppose you can just let HR’s weird spiciness policing play out and ignore it as best you can.

It's Craig's birthday, and he's opened lots of presents. It seems Nick's invited Gail for tea and Leanne's invited Eva. Nick reassures her and says he doesn't care what the baby's called as long as it calls him Daddy. He says he can't have her kicking off all the time. Simon comes back and asks if he has to wear a shirt to the party.

Sinead comes down too late to see the presents opened. Kirk needs loo - he seems to have nervous bladder and says he's not good with confrontation. Nick offers Si some money to take Amy to the cinema and he reluctantly accepts.

But he has to race home - as he goes in he scoops up the post and puts it on the stairs. Tim meets Craig at the bus stop and reminds him he's buying his first legal pint. In the pub, Craig says he's waiting for his Special Constabulary letter. He's talking to Kev, Steve and Tim and invites them to his birthday tea. Oh dear, Simon arrives and can work out all is not well.

Beth comes in, annoyed that Kirk's not with the others, and Ty says Kirk was helping him. Craig reminds Beth she had said that she did not know where Darryl was. She admits to being a coward and not wanting to ruin everything.

When I brought it up, they said something along the lines of “We cannot prove he stole anything.” I am confused at this. My boss is on my side, but HR seem to be trying to string me up. Even if my boss backs me up, they just ignore everything he says. You are not required to make sure that your own personal lunch doesn’t contain anything that might offend a coworker’s palate, as your coworkers should not be eating your food without any invitation. In any case, I think the way to handle this is to go a bit on the offensive, which is warranted based on how aggressive HR is being.

(As in, he would say “That’s clearly not the case” and the HR lady wouldn’t even look in his direction and continued talking.)How can someone be caught stealing my lunch and then turn around and say I was in the wrong? I don’t know what to do, I am afraid that I will loose my job over this. The only way their stance could possibly make sense is if they’re alleging that it wasn’t your lunch at all, and that it belonged to your coworker and you secretly dumped a toxic level of spice into it. I’d go back to them — possibly to the boss of the person you spoke with earlier if that’s an option — and say this: “I’m extremely concerned by what’s been said about this.

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Jenny says she's not going to work but has to get something from her locker. She says she had to go along with it, but, while nobody's around... Kirk tells Craig there are some more cards on the stairs. He says there is a box of Carla's stuff under the bed. He talks about Carla keeping stuff from him and asks Leanne to promise she won't keep him in the dark all the time. Copyright remains the property of ITV and this particular update had the help of ITV Hub as well. Leanne has just told Nick that Steve is the father of her baby. She denies knowing anything - and Craig thinks she is the convicted criminal. Lauren calls her pathetic and about to pee her pants.

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