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He didn’t find any, but the project would establish a precedent for using such detectors in the field.

Muon detectors have since been used to image archaeological sites in Mexico as well as volcanoes and nuclear power plants.

Because x-rays, radar and other techniques aren’t particularly well-suited for penetrating layers of dense rock, researchers turned to a more exotic form of radiation: muons.

Sub-atomic particles created when high-energy cosmic rays interact with the upper atmosphere, muons rain down on the Earth in droves — there are hundreds passing through you every second.

The new DNA test was over 80 percent successful in tracing people from around the world back to their ancestral origins.

Such knowledge could help improve personalized medicine, forensic science and research pertaining to ancestral origins of different human populations.

In 2015, Arizona State Egyptologist Nick Reeves announced that he had found what appeared to be another hidden chamber in Tutankhamen’s tomb, which he said could hold the remains of Queen Nefertiti.

That study’s author, Zahi Hawass, the influential and polarizing former Minister of Antiquities, has been an outspoken critic of the Scan Pyramids team.

There are currently just three known chambers within the pyramid: An apparently unfinished room beneath the bedrock, and the King and Queen’s chambers which lie deep within the pyramid itself.

The discovery comes thanks to a curious marriage of particle physics and archaeology.

Eran Elhaik of the University of Sheffield and Tatiana Tatarinova from the University of Southern California invented the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) test, which works by scanning a person’s DNA for parts that were formed as a result of two ancestors from disparate populations having children: for example, a Viking and Briton falling in love after Vikings invaded Britain in the 11 century.

Once a mixed DNA signature is detected, it is compared with reference data from people around the world that haven’t moved for hundreds of years.

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The void lies just above the Grand Gallery passageway that leads to the King’s chamber within the massive monument, and appears to be over 100 feet long.

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