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There are plenty of men out there who wouldn’t mind dating a pregnant woman.Be yourself, be honest and don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t deserve you and your future child.If you are have an online profile, mention your pregnancy in the profile. Red flags, such as jealous behavior or possessiveness, are dangerous enough when you don’t have a baby to think about.If he exhibits any behavior that has you on edge, consider ending the relationship.

They were married for 26 years (until he passed away).” Um, actually, yes, you do—so much so, in fact, that you’re going in to your gynecologist’s office tomorrow morning to be inseminated with anonymous-donor sperm.Welcome to the newest dating frontier—dating while inseminating.Lol I became single early in this pregnancy and wasn't showing yet.I got some creeper comments and guys telling me they were into pregnant women as well. The only thing that bothers me is I get insecure about how big I'm going to get and worry that it will bother him with it not being his kid or he will be turned off. I hear stories all the time about people meeting someone while pregnant and it working out so who knows. But like others, I think there's some like fantasy/fetish for some guys. Hi - I think your decision to leave the "father" was brave.

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