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he ate but once a week, cared nothing for the world, had no awe of rank and power, wore ragged dress, prayed constantly, kept silence, and loved The setting seems to have been largely Anatolian, in the Saljuq domain called Rum. Perhaps the explanation is simply that he learned from the Sufis but never fully joined them, as Shahrazuri seems to imply.... At Mardin he studied with Fakhr al-Din al-Mardini (d. The rare "Aristotelian Sufi" vocation appears to be a key to the role of the main subject, though generally ignored in commentaries. Shahrazuri tells of his extreme austerities and his spiritual powers, yet he is not recognised by most Sufi writers and biographers as one of them.... At Isfahan he studied under the obscure Zahir al-Farisi, with whom he read a distinctive book on logic composed by Ibn Sahlan al-Sawi (d. The young Suhrawardi afterwards journeyed to Anatolia, where he stayed for some years.

Suhrawardi soon gained the goodwill of (al-Malik) al-Zahir, but incurred the hostility of local jurists and). The Ayyubid capital was Damascus, and Suhrawardi may also have resided there for a time, before al-Zahir's return to Aleppo and renewed governorship. 1191) hailed from north-west Iran, and became known posthumously as Shaikh al-Ishraq, meaning "teacher of illumination." There are several sparse thirteenth century biographies, including one by the partisan Shams al-Din Shahrazuri (died after 1288), who profiled Suhrawardi as a philosopher and contemplative with Sufi affinities. A Murdered Philosopher Shihab al-Din Yahya Suhrawardi (d.The earlier heretic Hallaj had also been accused of such things by the orthodox gossip. 1216) was son of the Sultan Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub (d. Letters of complaint were written to the Sultan at Damascus by Qadi al-Fadil, a magistrate of Aleppo, who urged that Suhrawardi should be executed.(5) This intervention evidently occurred on behalf of the jurists who had been worsted in debate.

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