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We then examined whether body size differs more between women with and without diabetes than between men with and without diabetes, separately for type I and II diabetes.

Baseline data were used from the UK Biobank, a large, prospective, population-based cohort study established to examine the lifestyle, environmental and genetic determinants of a range of diseases of adulthood.12 Between 20, 502 712 men and women aged 40–69 years at baseline attended 1 of the 22 centres across the UK for detailed baseline assessment that involved collection of extensive questionnaire data, physical measurements and biological samples.

Methods A cross-sectional study of 480 813 participants from the UK Biobank without history of CVD was conducted to assess whether the difference in body size in people with and without diabetes was greater in women than in men.

Age-adjusted linear regression analyses were used to obtain the mean difference in women minus men in the difference in body size measures, separately for type I and II diabetes.

Mean age at study baseline was 56 (SD 8) years, with individuals with type I diabetes being slightly younger, and individuals with type II diabetes being slightly older than their counterparts without diabetes.

Individuals with type I diabetes were, on average, diagnosed with the condition when 18 years of age (SD 7), and individuals with type II diabetes had a mean age of 52 (SD 11) years at time of diagnosis (see e Figure 1).

Of these, 55% were women, 827 (45% women) had type I diabetes and 22 626 (42% women) had type II diabetes.In type I diabetes, body size differed to a similar extent between those with and without diabetes in women as in men.This pattern was observed across all prespecified subgroups.Weight and body fat percentage were measured using the Tanita BC-418 MA body composition analyser.BMI was calculated by dividing weight (kg) by the square of the standing height (m Baseline characteristics are presented as means (SD) for continuous variables and as percentages for categorical variables, separately by sex and diabetes status.

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