My computer keeps updating restarting

To ensure not data loss, please backup the content immediately and run the Hard Disk Test in System Diagnostics. ENTER - Continue Startup For more information, please visit com/go/techcenter/startup so i pushed enter to continue with the start up and it just brought back the same page.

The Surface is primarily a touch-screen device and if the touch functionality is acting up, it pretty much makes the Surface useless.

It just so happens, we did a post on doing that a while back and we recently updated it for the new Surface Pro 3 tablets You can find it HERE. It’s possible that some important system files got corrupted on your Surface tablet.

This happens most often with desktops and laptops because people don’t always power them down gracefully but it could happen on your Surface as well.

OK, if cleaning the screen didn’t do the trick let’s make sure that you’ve installed all of the available updates.

I’ll start with the most common/easiest things to try and I will keep escalating to more difficult, as I go a long. My computer froze the other day so I went and played XBOX for the rest of the day (4 hours) came back and my laptop was still frozen so I pushed the power off button to restart it.Then I left it over night 'thinking' I would be able to play and record a video the next day. It read "Failure updating windows" or something along those lines.They would probably say it’s to address problems as quickly as possible and while that is probably partly true, I imagine it’s also because they’re hoping people won’t notice something was broken.To check for Windows updates, follow these steps: After the updates install, you’ll want to restart your Surface.

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