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As noted above, as magma moves and deforms rocks it may be responsible for the generation of earthquakes.Thus, there is usually an increase in seismic activity prior to a volcanic eruption.Mitgation of Volcanic Disasters The best mitigation against casualties from volcanic eruptions is to provide warning based on eruption forecasts and knowledge of the past behavior of the volcano, and call for evacuations.Little can be done to protect property as the energy involved in volcanic eruptions is too great and few structures will survive if subjected to volcanic processes.After several years of dedicated monitoring, scientists are now able to predict with increasing accuracy eruptions from this dome. In the weeks prior to an eruption on March 19, 1982, the amount of seismic energy released increased, the amount dome expansion increased, tilt increased, and SOBeginning on March 12, a prediction was made that an eruption would be likely within the next 10 days.

It is then argued that this rapid burial is best explained by the biblical flood.

A dormant volcano is one that has not shown eruptive activity within recorded history, but shows geologic evidence of activity within the geologic recent past.

Short - Term Prediction based on Volcanic Monitoring Short - term prediction of volcanic eruptions involves monitoring the volcano to determine when magma is approaching the surface and monitoring for precursor events that often signal a forthcoming eruption.

These fossils are reasonably common, and have been mentioned in the scientific literature for well over a century, under the name upright fossils or in situ trees.

No well-read geologist finds them surprising, and no geologist has ever claimed that it took millions (or even thousands) of years to bury them.

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How old must a volcano be to be considered extinct depends to a large degree on past activity.

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