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Peter Oyodele, the Nigerian ambassador in Jamaica when the deal to begin direct air services between Jamaica and Nigeria was agreed in 2011, said he was thrilled Jamaicans who, he said, “call Africa the motherland”, would be able to get to Africa “at a cheaper cost and in a shorter and more comfortable journey time.” Jamaica and Nigeria are closer than ever before.

But life in Jamaica for Nigerians is not without its challenges and controversies.

Yet for many Africans on the island it is only a staging post for migration to the US.

There are South Africans, like the writer Peter Abrahams, who has lived in the hills above the Jamaican capital Kingston for 58 years.

There are Ghanaians, like Kodjoe “Benjie” Asamoah, owner of a gourmet catering business.

Nigerians have found work here as computer scientists, engineers, and physicians.

To ensure they have a voice in Jamaica, Nigerians have set up several organisations here.

There is the Nigerian Committee of Friends Jamaica, which arranges parties, dinners and get-togethers at members’ homes.

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It has hundreds of members and meets on the first evening of each month at the Nigerian High Commission in Kingston, which is around the corner from Bob Marley’s old studio at 56, Hope Road, where the reggae superstar recorded songs like “Africa Unite” and “Zimbabwe”.

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