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executive producer Mark Bracco, who defended the decision to have Madonna perform on Tuesday to the Associated Press.

Madonna and Prince had something of a tangled relationship, to put it mildly: Consensus seems to be that they dated in the mid-’80s.

Areas of difference arise regarding the degree of commitment, such as in the practice of casual sexual activities, and whether it represents a viewpoint or a relational status quo (i.e., whether a person without current partners should be considered "polyamorous").Within this model, a hierarchy may be fluid and vague, or nonexistent.consider these "polyamorous" so long as those involved practice (or at least aspire to) high standards of loving ethically, honestly, openly, and respectfully.“I could never say that either of them were friends,” she said.“I’ve spent a great deal of time with both of them, and they have these manners and they’re just so careful about what they eat, and what they say.

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