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Winners receive 0,000 and a “record deal” with Universal Music Group.Menlik Zergabachew, a 19-year old from Maryland, brought smiles to the judges’ faces when he chose Sublime’s to sing. You were just sleeping but they somehow have proof that you were already up. In the song "Greatest Hits" Bradley Nowell tells everyone, "Bert Susanka made me drink." The actual life and times of Bert Susanka don't matter.

After the song was performed, Gwen had her thoughts to share on the Sublime cover, given her collaborative history with the band & the late Brad Nowell.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Voice is a “reality” TV show that is more or less a singing competition.

Contestants come out to a panel of Four Judges who are in chairs that have their back to the vocalist, making this a blind audition to the judges.

Blake Shelton, turned his seat around first, showing support for the vocalist and seconds before the song’s end, Gwen Stefani followed suit, joining the rest of the coaches who enjoyed the live rendering. Kudos Menlik for standing up for Reggae music & choosing a ballsy song to cover on national television!

Because all of the coaches turned their seat around in support, Menlik then had the choice to choose who he’d like his coach to be. You opened yourself up to a ton of criticism as Sublime fans are the most critical because, as Gwen said, Bradley Nowell really does have the best voice…ever!

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To his credit, Menlik had great timing when performing the song & has an incredible voice!

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