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Try using it as a weighted scale instead of a checklist. Christian sex is the union between a husband and wife within marriage.

Also, don’t forget to get God involved in your decisions. It entails the complete consummation of body, soul, and spirit as the couple fully becomes one.

Check out our list of the top 20 steps on how to find your Christian soulmate.

It dives deep into the sorts of things that make us into the people we are today.

In those days, courting was about getting to know your...

“A real man, the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to, is one who will respect her dignity, who will honor her like the valuable treasures she is.

A real man will not attempt to rip her precious pearl from its protective shell, or persuade her with charm to give away her treasure prematurely, but he will wait patiently until she willingly gives him the prize of her heart.

Of the two, sexual problems usually have a more devastating impact that can rock a marriage to its core.

Only leaning on our faithful Father and longing to please Him with everything we do will set the stage for a beautiful romance!

” ― Eric Ludy, “In no way did God want me to settle for one of the typical “jerks” who were a dime a dozen.

A significant part of your heart was designed specifically for just him, but there is a part of your heart that was designed specifically for others.” ― Debra Fileta, “We have to be willing to become vulnerable to trust Him if we wish to find security and satisfaction in Him.

We have to be willing to let go of what little we have, to gain the great riches and supreme happiness He has to offer.

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The concept of courtship may sound outdated to some in our modern world.

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