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Developers who are involved in creating Web / desktop applications, performing network programming or embedded development might use a precompiled distribution of the Tcl programming environment.Active Tcl was created in order to offer users a quality-assured distribution of Tcl.Mosh: MOSH has been included into Moba Xterm main executable in version 7.1 directly in the sessions manager. Multitail: Program for monitoring multiple log files, in the fashion of the original tail program.NEdit: NEdit is a multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System.Lftp: Sophisticated file transfer program and ftp/http/bittorrent client.Lrzsz: Unix communication package providing the XMODEM, YMODEM ZMODEM file transfer protocols. MPlayer: The ultimate video player Midnight Commander: Midnight Commander is a feature rich text mode visual file manager.The “Tk Widget Demonstration" utility provides people with multiple scripts that are meant at demonstrating the capabilities of Tk widgets.

Then you will be able to do what you wanted to do with your cells with need to worry about the item and parameter values.

Since the contents is digital, a DAB (DAB ) program can contain basically anything that can be expressed in a row of bits.

So, next to audio - after all we are talking about radio - text, pictures and basically any other form of data can be and are transmitted.

FVWM2: A light but powerful window manager for X11. Fontforge: A complete font editor with many features GFortran: The GNU Fortran compiler. Gvim: The Vim editor with a GTK interface Httperf: A tool for measuring web server performance.

Joe: Fast and simple editor which emulates 5 other editors.

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