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Rules about being polite and not hurting each other are examples of ground rules.Situation rules Sometimes it can help to have a short set of rules for specific situations.Sticking the rules on the fridge, or in another prominent spot, can help younger children be aware of them. For children of this age, instead of making the rules public by sticking them on the fridge, it’s a good idea to keep them somewhere a little more private that’s still handy for when you need to refer to them.For younger children, consider drawing pictures or putting together images from the internet that show the rules.Many families find it helps to write down a set of rules about how family members are expected to behave.Writing them down makes them clear, and can also prevent arguments about what is or isn’t allowed.

Children and teenagers like to be involved in the rule-making process.

Household rules let everyone in the family know how to behave.

They help family members achieve a balance between getting what they want and respecting the needs of others.

Young children will need support and reminders to follow rules, because they’re likely to forget or ignore rules.

This is especially important with safety rules like ‘Stay away from the dam’ and ‘Never touch the matches’.

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They can also help children and teenagers feel safe and secure.

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