Dating a man who is divorced with children

As a child, I'd dream of the kind of homes in which my friends lived.

It wasn't about ponies or getting the lead role in the school play. My dream was that my mismatched parents would get divorced.As a teenager, I stopped talking to my friends on the phone, because when an argument would break out, I would slam down the phone, mortified, before anyone could overhear.I became anxious socially, a problem I still struggle with.I had to retake my A-levels and ended up barely scraping my degree in English at London University.A high number of the children in the study turned out to be binge-drinkers, something that was definitely part of my life in my 20s and 30s. My mother carried me round the Louvre as a baby so I could see all the paintings. My father would buy me crazy presents, such as the trendy Afghan coat he brought back from his travels.

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