Dating a commercial airline pilot

An airline crew’s job falls somewhere in between and brings the disadvantages of both.

They are absent long enough to miss important occasions in their personal lives but then not present long enough to work at renewing the bonding with their significant others.

Go out with your pals, co-workers or indulge in interesting hobbies so that you don’t feel sorry for yourself sitting at home on weekends.

Be wary of competition Airline pilots are sometimes known to get involved in affairs and relationships with pretty airhostesses or stewards. Yet the very fact that they spend long hours working with attractive men and women and are away from home for nights together creates conditions which are ideal for slipping up.

But all said and done, if you are dating an airline pilot or wish to, keep in mind that the temptation will always be there – it’s really up to the pilot to decide how to handle attention from all quarters.

On the top of the world Every job brings with it, its own set of problems – airline pilots have it too.

However you also have to remember that not all pilots take home the same kind of pay check; those who are just starting their careers may be under a lot of debt since flying schools are insanely expensive.

Indeed it is only as they get promoted from first officer to captain and as they begin to fly the really big jets like 747, 777 and 380, that they begin to make good money. Spruce yourself up Airline pilots are constantly surrounded by attractive men and women in the form of cabin crew.

Unlike truck driving, where it's perfectly feasible for a spouse to tag along, since non-pilots are not allowed in cockpits of commercial flights, it's really not feasible for spouses of pilots to go with them on all their journeys.

Keep yourself busy until your pilot partner gets back, so that you have plenty to talk about when you are together again.

Live the good life However one way that most airline pilots are able to compensate for their physical absence is by offering their partners a grand social life when they are back.

And yet partners of this important professional group have a lot to look forward to.

Airline pilots bring home great pay which means that their families can have a comfortable standard of living.

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