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“One time, back when it was the Lily and Kevin [played by Greg Rikaart] storyline, when Kevin and Lily first met, they met online, and the way Lily was supposed to recognize him was he would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt,” she recalls.

“And we were doing the scene, and all of a sudden, like 20 guys walked into the coffee house with Hawaiian shirts on, and our director was one of them! A prank basically.”So yes, she was fooled once, but those pranksters had better watch out, because Khalil has three older brothers (Alex, Adam and Chris) who could kick some butt if their little sister is messed around with too much!

When we look at each other really mean, we laugh at each other afterwards. MICHAEL: This week is a HUGE and pivotal week for the “Quad”. MICHAEL: Billy has known for some time that he’s the ‘baby daddy’, and that makes things all the more horrible! If you see someone about to have a baby, your logic and hatred goes out the window. MICHAEL: Does he find out who the baby’s father really is? MICHAEL: Will devoted Lily/Cane fans be happy in the foreseeable future? They will be happy, because of the way Cane finds out and how he reacts to it. It’s just so funny because the writers took so long to break us apart, and then all of sudden, its “bam”. In real life when you are apart from someone, you want to be with that person. I can see how it would happen, but it’s a little funny. He had been thinking this is his child, and when he finds out that it isn’t we will see Cane’s character change in a lot of ways for the good. Cane and Billy are brothers, and Chloe and I are always at each other, so I think it will always go on. MICHAEL: Have you noticed a difference in the scripts under Maria Arena Bell and this new regime? It’s OK.” (She laughs) MICHAEL: Remember way back at the start of the Cane/Lily relationship, so much was made of their age differences. It’s so funny how these relationships come and go on soaps. ” MICHAEL: Coming up this week on “Y&R” it’s going to be, ‘hold on to your seats’ kind of drama. CHRISTEL: Make sure you watch, because it’s crazy the way everything unfolds. It does not happen all at once, but it’s not over a long drawn out period, either.

Billy Miller (Billy) is a great actor and I have worked with Daniel Goddard (Cane) for a long time. Chloe is about to give birth in the cabin where Billy and Lily are having a romantic getaway! CHRISTEL: We are there for a Valentine’s Day trip and Chloe follows us there. At first I don’t believe her, but then I see clearly that her water broke. CHRISTEL: Billy found out when Chloe fell off the ladder and she went to the hospital. ” When he finds out he keeps it quiet, because he figures out that he is the father. MICHAEL: Isn’t it odd that Lily, who just found out about this lie, is helping to deliver the new little bundle of joy? I mean, it’s a big snowstorm and we are all snowed in. Then the way that Lily reacts to it ends up working out really well, also. MICHAEL: MICHAEL: You recently got married to musician Stephen Hensley.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) is one of my best friends. I do it myself because I am too cheap to hire anyone. I am that girl in school again who is like, “Ah, don’t look at me.” (She laughs) MICHAEL: Are the crying scenes, as Lily, the easiest or hardest type of scenes for you to play? Honestly, I loved when Josh Griffith was writing the show, when Lynn Latham was gone because of the strike. So, it’s great having someone who knows the show and how she writes it. It’s never based about talent or what someone can really do, but Josh was great. With his acting, he is very analytical and precise, and I am totally go-with-the–flow. There are days when he makes me think about something more, and times where I will make him calm down. I think that’s why people like us together, because we have this really great way of how we work together. It cracks me up so much about some of the characters on the show.

It’s hilarious when we have fighting scenes, and when we have photo shoots. He ends up coming there, but he is not there for the whole delivery part. As long as Cane feels he needs to be the baby’s father, no matter what, whether he is the baby’s father or not, it will continue. CHRISTEL: This is my theory: crying scenes are the easiest, because whatever brings you to that, it will be truthful, because you are actually really crying, whereas, when you have a normal scene, its harder to stay truthful the entire time. There are times when I have to be angry or screaming in a scene and that will make me cry. MICHAEL: Why was Josh Griffith let go, do you think? MICHAEL: How is working with daytime classic soap executive producer, Paul Rauch? I am like, “Daniel, just shut up and calm down.” And he will say, “Crystal, think about this.” And I am like, “Eh. In real life my husband is nine years older than me.

I think it’s always easier for a woman to come around then a guy. It’s very stressful being a control freak, because you want everyone to do it like you, and nobody does. MICHAEL: The red carpet can be daunting, with all the people, the paparazzi, and the pressure to look good. CHRISTEL: I am, but at the beginning it was bit uncomfortable.

So, we started dating and he came to Hawaii with me, a month after meeting me, for my birthday. For our one-year anniversary we want to go somewhere really big… But he wants to talk about it right away, which is good.

I’ve told her the reason I don’t use my full Australian accent is if I used it, you couldn’t understand me. I also protect the people I love.” ■ If you weren’t married, would you date an older woman? I’ve dated women 10 years younger than me, so why not go the other way? I think it’s about having a connection to someone and age shouldn’t matter.” ■ If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? C., Atlanta, GA “Somewhere in the Mediterranean, like the Greek Islands or south of Croatia.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that someone is full of b.s.” ■ Are you a good kisser? F., Green Bay, WI “My wife told me that she wouldn’t have married me if I wasn’t good in bed, so I guess that means I’m also a good kisser.” Just The Facts Birthday: August 28 Hails From: Sydney, Australia Middle Name: Richard Marital Status: Married to interior designer Rachael since February 3, 2002.

Boys Club: Two sons, Ford Martin (born February 6, 2006) and Sebastian William (born December 19, 2008). Rachael is cool with boys.” On His Imminent 40th Birthday: “Age is just a number.

He did his hair in ‘Faux Hawk’ and I was like, “Oh My God, I love those! I just told him flat out, “You need to cut your hair.” He is so attractive!

Then he chopped his hair off before he came to Hawaii as a surprise for me.

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