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One of the main subplots of season one is Lucy and Don's relationship with Holt Mc Laren and the love triangle that erupts between Lucy, Holt, and Holt's current girlfriend Julia Mallory, a popular sitcom star who has begun breaking out into horrible movies while Holt's career has tanked after a series of movies he has done, flopped.In an attempt to convert Holt into a secret source for potential stories, Lucy offers to use the full resources of her magazine to revive Holt's career.

A 13-episode second and final season was announced on May 8, 2007.Holt, feeling guilt after hearing of the actress' death, has a mini-breakdown while driving and gets into a high-speed car crash, nearly killing himself and Julia.Julia suffers severe injuries, which leads to an addiction to painkillers and eventually a full-blown drug addiction.Everyone knows that stars like John Mayer and George Clooney have dated their fair share of different celebs, but for every random celebrity couple that you remember (for better or for worse), there's another pairing that you totally forgot about. SEE ALSO: The best celebrity-authored books on Amazon Kim Kardashian dated Nick Cannon?

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The series revolves around Lucy Spiller and her best friend, the freelance photographer Don Konkey, who aids Lucy in her career as editor-in-chief of Dirt and Now Magazines, which Lucy merges into a single magazine at the end of the second episode due to budget issues.

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