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A magnificent structure of stone carving commemorating the emperor’s procession after the triumphany vistory in 312 over Massentius.

At the foot of the Colosseum begins the large spread of ancient ruins thatwas the Roman Empire.

Ruins include the Temple of Concord dating back to 367BC, the Arch of Septimus Severus built in 203 and the Basilica of Emilia and Giulia founded in 179BC.

Don’t forget to take a hat, sun block and a bottle of water during the summer months as the forum can be a real heat trap.

Going to the baths was the first form of entertainment for the Romans and no expenses were spared in creating the luscious Baths of Caracalla.

Copyright 2009, 2010, 2015, Gary Helm Life and Times of Moses Helm: Myth and History Gary Helm August 20, 2009 MOSES HELM and ROADS in BEDFORD COUNTY VIRGINIA December 23, 1754: Moses Hellum, Wm: Moore, Thomas Franklin, John Bollings Tiths, William Rutherford, James Murphy, James Wheeler, John Gallaway, Archibald Campbell, James Machvenals, Edm: Fair, Nicholas Hays, Lewis Franklin, Edmond Franklin, John Thompson, John Pleasants Tiths, Nathn: Paterson, The first documentation of Moses Helm living in Virginia is in the Bedford County Court Book on December 23, 1754.

It certainly won’t fail your imagination when you come face to face with it, and you will be astounded by the size and power that this structure generates.

With a height of nearly 165 feet and 205 yards yards in diameter the Colosseum has a spectators capacity of 50,000 making it needless to say the world’s largest ampitheatre.

It is possible to walk through the ancient forum but the ruins are not particularly well documented and for those wanting a more in depth insight a guide would be recommended.

A combined ticket can be bought that allows entrance to both the Colosseum and Palatine Hill.

Translated means the arch of peace, this monument can be viewed from a glass pavillion near Piazza Augustus and carved in stone along it’s sides are various figures including the depiction of peace and the Julian Clan.

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As customary here, we will head back a generation to see how Sydneysiders marked this special time of the year 25 years ago. As The Sydney Morning Herald reported on November 16, there were "alot of children" lining the 2.1km route.

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