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I am now a Lunanina product, hosted thereat and powered by MT. You’ve got to go pretty far to exceed my capacity for spice in my food. When he brought me my refill he wouldn’t even look at me. I quenched my thirst, extinguished the private version of hell that had erupted in my mouth, and even enjoyed the rest of my meal.

As I got through college I was becoming more adventurous, experimental, even provocative in my tastes – for food, at least. I got kitfo – spiced ground beef tartare, a sensational dish when properly done. I do have my limits, but they’re significantly higher now.

You realize you're not alone, and even though there's no sense of threat whatsoever, it's a sense of smallness and participation.

We turned around at noon and were back on the docks at 1, where Kel and Charles were first to get to the marina where we'd put in.

And since that sounds pretty much like me, I'm definitely NOT on a "break." That means, I guess, two things: 1) I can't sleep around behind Rachael's back, and 2) you can expect to hear from me again upon my return from the Littlest Big City in America: Sacramento, the home of Kings and governors. But in parting, here's a little insight into me and my thinking: while I was growing up we had a friday night service every week before supper, with blessings over candles, wine, bread, and special blessings whispered over my sister's and my heads. PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE ACT 1: Divest Now protests at College Hall. Here's how it works: Kel has three frames on her dresser. I had to go back on occasion to realize, for example, that "G" didn't really rate an "8" - it just followed "F", which earned it's ignominous place in the alphabet. The kind that the police use to incapacitate treehugging mobs. He offered me beer or a shake, but I stuck with what I could afford: water, please. ” He looked at me as if I had asked to defile his grandmother’s remains. As my throat started closing up and my head ignited into cheerful flames, I called our server over and asked for water. I had been formally trained to fill a room with my voice, and used all that training to compel compliance. The happy faces on the Ethiopian tourism council posters looked away in shame. glass of water, no ice, and set it desultorily down the table in front of me. With the same window-rattling voice I said, “THANKS, MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS OF WATER?More fitting, or at least more comfortable to me, were Dynamite Dan, Dangerous Dan, and - my personal favorite - Handsome Dan, from a siren beauty who shall Helen Jane remain nameless. Andy erupts in a familiar roar of hilarity and hangs up after inviting us all over for wine and dinner and wine. It's from a recycling organization, and they tell us cheerfully, "today an aluminum can, tomorrow a baseball bat." I flinch every time they say it. That's fine for the heavens, but I like people to have a bit more going on.And, since I'm anything but dangerous or dynamite, I don't put much stock in the accuracy of "handsome" either - but it's nice to hear it anyway. ACT 4 (FLASHBACK): I have brought the College Hall demonstration photo from 6 years ago to work. I make three copies and attach three captions to these - "Nice Warm Hands," "Le Fromage et Sur la Tete," and (I think) "The Doctor Will See You Now." (If any of you reading this remember for sure, Heidi, let me know.) I run off a bunch of each of them. Andy gets to town and tape 30 of the posters - 10 of each caption - along his way to and from work, fifteen on either side of the street, well spaced apart, in various locations, at various heights, facing different directions. Andy sees the first one from across the street and thinks he must be seeing it wrong. A SMALL PRICE TO PAY (sunday night) It's been a good weekend, a good day. * So it can be okay if you space out and blow me off and everything is ruined. * And when this happens, and my plans that I've been pouring myself into, that I've really put a lot of effort into, when all that goes in the crapper because you weren't paying attention, is it okay for me to feel bad? I guess, as long as you didn't make me feel bad about it too. * So I can feel bad, as long as I don't impose it on you. * So when you say 'you're sorry,' I'm over here feeling bad. You see why I don't want to say "it's okay" right now? It sounds like escalation to me - I'll throw this can at you if you don't recycle, and if you try to ignore me, I'm coming at you with an alumiville slugger. It comes down to this, Sandy: I'm bored with our relationship. Our stingy quasi-governmental agency does provide one important convenience - a beverage room on every floor with free coffee.

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  1. While most dating sites offer the possibility to connect with people with the same interests through messaging and online chatting, the step towards meeting each other in real life or offline is rarely made.