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This biofilm additionally gives SCP-2085 a strong scent of mint. These modifications appear to have been accrued over a long period of time from a variety of sources.

For example, many parts of the SCP-2085-1 containment implants have been replaced or modified, and the three replacement fingers on the left hand are all of different design and quality.

• Skin modifications to regulate sweat and reduce abrasion damage from extended suit usage.

• Modification of sebaceous sweat glands to secrete an artificial biofilm to aid in skin regeneration. See Document 2085-EXP for extended information on all known enhancements.

The growth of the SCP-2085-1 and its consumption of SCP-2085’s body tissues has been impeded through the addition of various containment implants used to sever communication between growth sections and control nodes, and counter the replication process.

SCP-2085-1’s rate of replication without the influence of these containment implants is unknown: SCP-2085-1’s periods of activity occur, on average, once every three months.

SCP-2085 has undergone significant cybernetic and genetic enhancement, including: • Adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract for a liquid diet.

Esophageal input port and waste output port are integrated into the suit.

Implants are uniform in design, indicating a single source.

The location of SCP-2085’s base of operations, if extant, is unknown, as are connections to any other groups. Let’s be honest here: Both of our respective organizations are of sketchy legality on the best of days. You don’t trust us, and we certainly aren’t going to trust you. The longer he’s holed up in here, the more likely it is he’ll try being the big hero and plotting a way out. Entry interview Researcher ██████: Please state your name for the record. Researcher ██████: Can you tell me anything about the Black Rabbit Company’s activities prior to your stay here? Wizard managed to cut a deal with them and got on the inside. The world doesn’t like letting people believe in people, so they have to make do with symbols.

The recovered assets of the group consist solely of equipment held upon recovery. With that in mind, it would be best for us to just go our separate ways. The merchandise we were selling them was all fake of course, but they didn’t realize that until we started shooting… Researcher ██████: Please state your name for the record. Like, just look at a bunch of kids playing pretend on the playground.

SCP-2085 is in generally poor health, with conditions including vitamin D deficiency (now lessened due to changes in diet), acute radiation syndrome (symptoms indicate at least three doses of ~2 Gy), and heavy scarring from severe and repeated skin ulceration.

SCP-2085 is fluent in English and is generally cooperative with staff.

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Variables in height and weight have been attributed to the augmentation process.

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