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The duo parted ways when they realised that they do not have a future together.Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone met, became friends, and fell in love with each other at the beginning of their career.

However, the two are not together anymore., but soon things turned sour when Salman was accused of physically and mentally abusing his ladylove. But, their relationship ended just as soon as it had started.

Mithun was already married to actress, Yogita Bali then.

But, when Sridevi realised that Mithun would never leave his wife and publicly accept her, she decided to move on.

However, at that time the couple put rest to all such rumours.

Sussanne and Hrithik went for a divorce in 2014, ending their 17-year-long relationship.

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  1. Crazy thing is, after moving back to my home town and despite being six months pregnant I have several guys showing interest. I'm not looking to be involved with anyone right now but my mind is a little blown LOLHuge props to you for leaving the previous relationship! So I can definitely see why men would be interested in you. This guy is a drunk and just wanted to use my baby to “help turn his life around”.