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You need to pace yourself, alternating your driving energy with relaxation. Ultimately, you will be better off if you learn to work in a more relaxed and easy going manner.You suffer if you burn yourself out and too much relaxation results in boredom, which your Aries nature is unable to tolerate.These curious and sometimes psychic people often become political pollstersk and they are the inventors of "no-fault" insurance.Geminus rules junk mail, rotating TV antennas, the game Monopoly and licorice." – Tem Tarriktar This earth/air combination needs a mediator to translate the values into something that will blend.In either case, the problem will be to keep the fire from scorching the earth.

If it is the Moon, it may give Taurus more support.

If you thought Aries was a problem to Taurus, consider what Gemini does.

Aries built a fire under Taurus and allowed no rest.

The relationship between the rulers Venus & Mars will either help or make it more difficult to blend these two energies to your advantage.

It will also make a difference what planet or planets are on the cusp.

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For example, Taurus provides a green thumb for growing plants such as flowers.

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