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Well, that’s an over simplification, but basically true. So in reality, Apolo can be a bit of an ass, but do it with a genuine and mostly innocent smile on his face at the same time; which is maddening for someone like JR, who knows Apolo Ohno on a personal level. He’d looked up to him when he was little and Apolo raced against and played with JR’s two older brothers. 16 years of talking himself up for competitions, of believing in himself when no one else seemed too, of making comeback after comeback, of ignoring haters and the snide comments in the press, all have led to a certain unrelenting self-confidence. Anyone who subscribes to his twitter feed can clearly see that.Seen him when he was training so hard his legs ached afterward.He’d seen him when his back was acting up, and giving him trouble in the form of debilitating back spasms.You want to be friends with the guys you see every day, that you train with and compete with.But at the same time it’s hard to be friends with the guys you’re trying to beat all the time.

He’d seen Apolo when he was fully focused on a race.

You develop the ability to have fun on and off the ice, and switch that all off when the starting gun fires. He’s made genuine friendships on the team, some deeper than others.

He can honestly say Jordan Malone is one of the funniest guys he’s ever known, and he knows they’ll be friends for way longer than either of them will be skating competitively. They’re fun to hang out with, and while he would notice them if they left suddenly, he doesn’t feel as close to them as he does to Jordan. JR’s relationship with Apolo is mutli-layered and not completely defined.

“Since I can remember, I was raised by my father my entire life.

My life has always been with my dad,” the speed skater explained.

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