American states mandating that the value of pi is 4

As we will show, state sunset committees have occasionally recommended that specific occupations be de-licensed, only to have the committee recommendation not acted on.

The law was in effect for approximately 10 years until 1983, when Alabama state barber licensing requirements were dropped.

The reason proposed for most of these efforts is that excessive levels of licensing have hindered job creation, especially for people with lower levels of education.

We argue that the paucity of successful de-licensing efforts is due to intense lobbying by associations of licensed professionals as well as the high costs of sunset reviews by state agencies charged with the periodic review of licensing and its possible termination.

In this article, we focus on another characteristic that unions and licensing have in common: the possibility of cessation of coverage.

With unions, this outcome can be attained by a decertification election that removes a union as an exclusive bargaining representative of workers.

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Furthermore, the proportions of the labor force represented by unions and by licensing (their “densities”) at their peaks have been roughly equal at 30 percent.

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