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Deacon balked, but Nick promised visitation rights if Deacon complied. Swimming in a hot tub in the back part of Brooke's house, Nick got distracted and didn't see little Hope experimenting with holding her breath underwater.Hope's hair got caught in the drain, and she almost drowned.She taped her final scene on November 6 and will make her final appearance on December 12.Matula made three more guest appearances in April 2015 and March 2016.J., were unintentionally left alone all night, arousing the concern of Child Protective Services. Hope inadvertently caused Thorne Forrester and Taylor Hayes to call off their wedding when Hope blabbed to Thorne's daughter, Alexandria, that Taylor had run down Alexandria's late mother, Darla Forrester, with her car.

Hope started dating Liam and forgot about Oliver, who wanted to win Hope back.Macy encouraged Deacon to visit Hope and her older brother, Eric Sharpe, and attempt custody rights.Brooke became engaged to Nick Marone, who wanted to adopt Hope.To observe Brooke's new point of view, Bridget suggested naming the baby Hope.Deacon wanted to be a part of Hope's life, but Brooke forbade it, even after Deacon quit drinking, became respectable, and settled into a relationship with Macy Alexander.

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In November 2017, the character was recasted with Annika Noelle taking over the role.

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